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Improving Remote Communications 

1 Mins read

Microsoft just launched Microsoft Teams Essentials, a new tool to help small businesses communicate better with remote staff and customers.

Teams Essentials features include:

Extended meeting times—Meeting can last up to 30 hours [30 hours!!!]

Large meeting capacity—You can host up to 300 people at one time

Calendar integration—It will integrate with Outlook and Google calendars, so you can use your existing calendaring tool to manage your meetings.

Simple invitations—To invite people to a meeting you just add them to the Teams meeting invitation via an email that contains a link to join. If they don’t have Teams, the meeting will open directly in their browser. No sign-up, sign-in, or installation required.

Additional cloud storage—You get a total of 10 gigabytes (GB) file storage, which is twice the amount of storage available in the free version of Teams.

Small business group chat template—You can start a group project and host meetings with anyone, assign tasks to teammates, and create polls to receive feedback quickly all in one hub, taking productivity to the next level.

There’s more information in this blog post.

Teams stock photo by DANIEL CONSTANTE/Shutterstock

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