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Key Strategies to Increase Conversion Rate with Accelerated Mobile Pages

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Most users are impatient and want instant gratification when using their mobile devices. They are particularly impatient for mobile web pages to load. More than one-third of users leave a webpage taking more than 3 seconds of loading time.

So, these 3 seconds are all you get to grab users’ attention and influence them to click and continue using. If the web page fails to load within this timeframe, you lose the users, and all your efforts for engaging them are just lost. So, a fast loading time is essential for lead generation and business conversion.

Regarding page loading speed, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) appear to be the superior technology. Businesses can still opt for the mobile web instead of mobile app development because of AMP and similar technologies. Since page speed and loading time impact bounce rate and business conversion, such technologies became highly popular.

How page speed Impact On bounce rate

Loading speed remains an essential aspect for measuring the bounce rate of mobile web pages. In this respect, it is Key to understand that page speed is evaluated and measured by two conditions such as the ones mentioned below.

  • DOM preparation time

DOM preparation time or DOM ready time refers to the time taken for receiving by the web page’s HTML code and parsing by the web browser. This time makes the most significant impact on the bounce rate. This factor largely corresponds to the length of the HTML code. Apart from maintaining smaller core lines, it is also essential to avoid using JavaScript code responsible for blocking and preventing the parsing of HTML code by the web browser.

  • Loading time for all page elements 

Apart from the loading problem caused by coding issues, several other on-page elements impact the page loading speed, such as images, fonts, CSS files. The loading of the entire page depends upon these page elements. The photos, fonts, and CSS code should be optimized for fast-paced full-page load time.

Since the speed of page load time is a crucial factor behind the page bounce, one needs to take comprehensive care of all these factors that play a role in decreasing the page speed. A slower loading speed happens to be a killer for website experience and search engine results.

The AMP approach 

Google came up with the idea Of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) technology as an open-source project to ensure that mobile web pages load and perform at optimum speed. An AMP website can deliver a futuristic web experience with fast-paced ads and web pages. Since Google is focused on improving the web experience, AMP technology helps improve the web user experience and consequent page ranking.

AMP primarily offers the below-mentioned results for web pages.

  • Lightning-fast performance and smooth engagement is the first benefit offered by AMP technology. Web pages created using the AMP technology load immediately, whether on mobile devices or desktops.
  • Thanks to AMP technology, businesses can be very flexible in presenting their content in the correct format and use tech vendors more flexibly with a sharp focus on improving KPIs.

AMP revolutionizing the web search 

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) by speeding up the mobile websites and improving them with lightning-fast loading speed ensures increased web traffic volume, boosted user engagement, and enhanced sales conversion. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) web pages benefit websites’ search engine performance and help discover products and services.

AMP is particularly great for consumer brand websites dealing with extremely impatient user lot gunning for increased user acquisition.

Being a wholly open-source and cross-platform technology, the power of AMP is available for all. AMP allows marketing companies to run faster ads and create high-performance websites for different platforms. No wonder AMPs have been embraced by the world’s leading search engines and social search platforms.

Ideal solution for any website

If an e-commerce website depends heavily on user acquisition for driving business, AMP appears to be the perfect solution for a digital growth strategy. On the other hand, an enterprise website with a business2business focus will find AMP a superior technology.

AMP is the preferred technology by businesses across the niches for its excellent search engine potential. Some of the leading search engines using AMPs for their search engine results include Google, Baidu, Safari, Facebook, Twitter, Bing, Yahoo Japan, Pinterest, and others.

AMP for enhancing traffic and beyond

AMP technology can have enormous advantages for the upper funnel of the websites, particularly the landing pages that primarily rely on search engine results. AMPs load fast and do not interfere with the everyday mobile experience of the website. Instead of changing anything in your responsive or mobile-friendly website, AMPs optimize website performance.

The advantages of AMP go well beyond mobile loading speed, and the benefits are loadful ones for ensuring an improved user experience.

AMPs are preferred by most search engines and are discovered through search queries quicker than other web pages. Coming with a lightning-bolt icon, it carries the assurance from Google that the web page offers a speedy and lucid mobile experience.


We have known that mobile web performance has been a critical factor for page ranking for several years. Naturally, the Google algorithm cannot do away with a priority listing off AMP web pages. So, if you are trying to optimize the website loading speed, using AMP technology will be the best bet.

Vincent Martinot is Managing Director at EurecaApps A Belgium Based Software Development Company That Focuses on Android & iOS App Development,  AR/VR Development, IoT Development, Mobile Game Development and Software Development. He also shares his knowledge of mobile development, new technology & business development by contributing to different online platforms.

Accelerated Mobile Pages stock image by Piotr Swat/Shutterstock

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