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Beauty Business Buzz

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Last year was a good one for the beauty business as many Americans embraced new beauty trends. Will those trends continue in 2022? Mintel’s Category Director, Beauty & Personal Care, Roshida Khanom, shares three beauty trends she expects will “dominate” this year.

1—Consumer education is more important than ever. Consumers want proof before buying that the products they’re considering are effective and, in many cases, natural. Khanom adds that since consumers have “low attention spans,” presenting information at the point of purchase is “more important than ever.”

If your business sells beauty products, particularly clean ones, highlighting your ingredients on the packaging where shoppers can easily see them is a wise move.

2—Customized beauty. Beauty consumers aren’t looking for one-size-fits-all solutions. They want “products created especially for them.” Khanom says, “Beauty kits are going to have appeal as consumers seek to treat their specific beauty needs. Beauty by life stage is also going to gain traction as people want solutions better targeted to them,” such as women looking for “menopausal beauty” products.

3—Beauty with a cause. People are more conscious consumers these days, and Khanom says they’re “buying with a conscience.” She says, “beauty brands will need to be transparent about their ethical practices as well as their opinions on topical issues.”

Even The Body Shop, which launched in 1976 committed to beauty with a cause, is increasing its efforts and plans to be 100% vegan-certified by the end of next year, and is also committed to tackling plastic waste.

What issues most concern consumers? Mintel reports that while sustainability claims in beauty products are now “mainstream,” they remain a top priority. Consumers are, says Khanom, “also looking at [companies’] commitments to things like diversity and equity, as well as ethical supply chain practices.”

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