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Using Tech to Withstand the Great Resignation

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As we enter year three of the COVID-19 global pandemic, many businesses have transitioned to a remote or hybrid workspace. Many of us were able to do that and survive, partly due to the innovative technologies we had access to that enabled us to better communicate, collaborate, and do our jobs.

But what’s next? Adobe just released a report—The Future of Time: Hybrid Workplaceexamining the challenges and opportunities of this new work era.

As Americans shifted from mostly remote to hybrid work, Adobe wanted “to understand how these changes impact people’s work and the role that technology plays in their world.” They surveyed businesses to learn their views about hybrid work, technology, and the future of productivity and gauge how the evolving workplace impacts everyone’s most valuable resource—their time.

In addition to revealing how vital technology, in general, was for SMBs during the pandemic specifically, the report shows how tech helped business owners deal with one of the biggest challenges they’re facing today—the Great Resignation.

Last fall, Adobe issued its initial report showing that more than one-third of employees planned to quit their jobs. This study followed up on that and found that among SMB employees:

  • 24% applied for a new job, 19% received a new job offer, & 8% started a new job
  • 42% of those who quit joined a new industry, 16% started a business, & 10% became freelancers.

The top reasons for switching jobs:

  • 93% of employees left to make more money
  • 90% wanted to learn new skills
  • 88% quit to get better benefits
  • 87% wanted more opportunities for growth

What about the employees who didn’t quit? Here’s why they stayed at their jobs:

  • Proper company recognition—31%
  • Pay raises employees—26%
  • In-person and remote flexibility—24%
  • Improved listening—24%
  • Hours & schedule flexibility—23%

But SMBs can’t breathe easily, especially if they haven’t undergone a digital transformation:

  • 33% of managers and employees who didn’t resign or apply for a new job in the past 6 months are considering pursuing one in the next year
  • 50% of Gen Z employees are considering looking for a new job in the next year & 25% in the next 6 months
  • 50% say they’re more likely to quit because of uneven access to modern digital tools, and 65% say that lack of access has led to increased burnout

You can read more about the report on Adobe’s blog.

Hybrid workspace stock image by ivector/Shutterstock

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