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8 Ways to Streamline Your Lead Management Process

4 Mins read

What is one way you streamline and simplify your lead management process? To help you streamline your lead management process, we asked CEOs and experienced marketing professionals this question for their best insights. From building an action-oriented funnel to implementing a CRM system, there are several strategies that may help you simplify your lead management process in the future. Here are eight ways to streamline your lead management process:

  1. Build An Action-Oriented Funnel
  2. Use Software Solutions To Take the Chill Out of Cold Emails
  3. Utilize the Effectiveness of a Drip Email Campaign
  4. Tighten Your Standards
  5. Keep Communication Tight & Delegate the Work
  6. Empower Sub-Managers to Go Against Established Protocol
  7. Use Zapier
  8. Implement a CRM System

Build An Action-Oriented Funnel

Defining at which point you need to make an action such as following up or conducting a technical evaluation is a simple and meaningful way to approach lead management. Managing lead funnel this way allows focusing on actionable data points rather than vanity metrics when executing daily tasks. It can serve any industry but is best suited for businesses where manual consideration is needed, and the one-fits-all communication model doesn’t work. Michael Sena, SENACEA

Use Software Solutions To Take the Chill Out of Cold Emails

While sending cold marketing emails to new leads can feel like a gamble, there are hundreds of email outreach software solutions out there that can streamline the process and help you win big in your email outreach efforts. Tools such as Hunter Campaigns, Mailshake, and SmartReach allow you to fully personalize emails at scale and schedule when to send campaigns. You can also track key metrics to monitor the activity on your cold emails after you click send. Doing so lets you see your best and most engaged prospects so you can focus your efforts on those who will most likely convert. These features combined with easy-to-use email templates and AI-powered copywriting simultaneously reduce your time spent on email outreach and increase your results. Chris Gadek, AdQuick

Utilize the Effectiveness of a Drip Email Campaign

Use a drip email campaign to streamline your lead management process. A drip email campaign uses personalized data to target your customer base and then sends emails on an automated schedule simplifying the process of generating leads and then converting them into customers. You can segment your leads into lists such as those who abandoned a shopping cart, engaged with customer service, attended an in-person event, or who haven’t placed an order in a while. These are people who are qualified leads, as opposed to unqualified leads who don’t need or want your product. If you want your lead management process to be simplified, consider a drip email campaign. Melanie Bedwell, Olipop

Tighten Your Standards

Finding a qualified lead can oftentimes feel like searching for the needle in the haystack. To lessen the conversion time it takes for a potential lead to become a customer, it might take more than your run-of-the-mill management system. Streamlining and simplifying your lead management process is about seriously vetting potential leads. This may require asking more specific, less generic qualifying questions and tightening up your requisites to weed out the dead-end leads. Matt Woods,

Keep Communication Tight & Delegate the Work

We stay constantly connected through daily huddles and Slack to manage and nurture our leads collaboratively. Different staff on our team have respective rosters of members to service but are always looking out to create connective moments with potential new members. We collect leads together and delegate lead management where there is bandwidth or expertise to back the subscription. When potential customers express interest or have questions about their pet’s care over social media, we do our best to showcase our knowledge and expertise to show our credibility. Staying connected and delegating the work is key to tracking and cultivating your leads. We work as a team to fill in the gaps and personalize every interaction to get the best conversions we can. Laura Berg, Kong Club /

Empower Sub-Managers to Go Against Established Protocol

Empower your managers and sub-managers to make decisions and delegate responsibilities in the moment, even when it means going against established protocol. Too often, CEOs and business leaders think that simplifying a management process means a “The Buck Stops With Me” approach, where all issues and decisions are directed to the highest rung on the management ladder. But a lead manager taking on more duties and responsibilities themselves only slows down a business. And sometimes, split-minute decisions need to be made to benefit both the company and workers. After all, bad customer service often comes from employees fearing management repercussions and adhering too closely to rules.By empowering submanagers to make logic-based decisions simplifies management and leads to a happier and trust-based workplace. Dan Bladen, Kadence

Use Zapier

I’ve found that using Zapier to automate my lead management process is the best way to keep things streamlined and simple. Zapier allows you to connect different applications so that when something happens in one application, it automatically triggers an action in another application. This automates a lot of the manual work that is involved in lead management and makes it a lot simpler and easier. Plus, it’s a great way to keep track of your leads and make sure you are following up on them promptly. Rick Elmore, Simply Noted

Implement a CRM System

One way to streamline and simplify your lead management process is by using a CRM system that integrates with your email system. This will allow you to automatically track all leads and potential customers who have contacted you, regardless of whether they contacted you through email, phone, or in person. It will also help you keep track of all interactions with each lead, so you can follow up effectively and close more sales. Natalia Brzezinska, PhotoAiD

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