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Baby Fever Rising: What the Recent Baby Boom Means for Entrepreneurs

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For the first time since 2014, the U.S. birthrate increased in 2021. According to provisional data released by the National Vital Statistics System, part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and reported in The New York Times, there were 3,659,289 births in 2021, up about 46,000 (around 1%) from 2020. One caveat, the birthrate experienced a significant drop in 2020, the year COVID first appeared in America.

There was a 2% birthrate increase for white and Hispanic women, while Black, Asian, and Native American women experienced a 2-3% decline in the birthrate. Teen births hit record lows, and the birthrate also declined for young women ages 20-24.

Women today are waiting to get married and start a family, so it’s not surprising that women in their 30s “experienced the greatest uptick.”

Overall, The Times points out that this increase in the birthrate “does not change the country’s overall demographic picture. Since 2007, fertility has generally been in free fall. And while the birthrate went up in 2021, it is still lower than in 2019. More parents are choosing to have only one child.”

The Times also quotes social scientists who see “a broad, international shift in young women’s attitudes and goals. More women choose to prioritize education and work, marrying later and having fewer or no children.”

This baby boom is good news for business owners who sell baby paraphernalia, ranging from essential supplies (diapers, car seats, etc.) to furniture, books and toys, clothing, and technology.

Parents (and grandparents) are always spending (kids grow fast!), so this is a great market for your business to focus on.

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