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Get “More Rewards”

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Ready to start shopping? Join the crowd. According to a new Bank of America survey, 51% of Americans plan to do most of their holiday shopping on or before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If that’s you—if you shop this Saturday, November 5th and use a Bank of America credit card—you can earn “more rewards”.

Bank of America is launching its first More Rewards Day—a one-day celebration giving Bank of America consumer and small business cardholders the opportunity to earn bonus rewards for all the purchases they make with a Bank of America credit card on that day.

On More Rewards Day, all Bank of America consumer and small business credit cardholders will automatically earn 2% cash back, two points per $1, or two miles per $1 spent in addition to the rewards they typically earn. And it’s easy—the bonus rewards will be automatically applied to their accounts

The offer starts at midnight ET on November 5th and ends at 11:59 pm ET that same day. To qualify, purchases must have a transaction date of November 5, 2022.

For business owners, More Rewards Day is designed to help consumers optimize their spending and make their money go further while managing year-end expenditures.

And here’s a shopping tip from me—there are already lots of sales on computers and other equipment you may be in the market for. I know I’ll be spending money on Saturday.

Shopping stock image by Anna Tryhub/Shutterstock

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