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3 Ways to Improve Your Marketing in 2023

1 Mins read

Was improving your marketing one of your New Year’s resolutions? Rich Rao, VP of Small Business, Meta, shares some new programs and tools to help small businesses better their outreach in 2023.

1—Automation will increasingly drive impact: New technologies like artificial intelligence have become more sophisticated, enabling solutions that help with brand discovery and target the right audience automatically. To continue the development of social AI, Meta launched Advantage Suite to create an easier path for businesses to simplify decision-making, ad creation, and optimization and drive better performance. With new automation tools like these, business owners can improve their ad campaigns’ impact, allowing them to spend less time worrying about social media management and more time running their businesses.

2—Lean into business messaging and video to authentically connect with customers: We know consumers look to social media as a discovery tool to find new businesses and brands, but they also rely on it to bridge communications and make connections all in the same place. Tools like Messenger, Reels, and Stories all help businesses reach different touchpoints of the customer experience and engage in different ways. We’ve seen across our platform that most video-only or video + image campaigns outperform image-only campaigns in increasing conversions and driving engagement. For example, if consumers want to learn more about the products they see in a creative Reel, customers can quickly DM a business and start a conversation without waiting in a queue or worrying about dropped calls.

3—Measurement will be more critical than ever: Effective marketing is built on understanding what drives results. It will be essential for all businesses to determine what content will perform best for the platform used and prioritize those channels. Business owners are already hungrier for tools that take the guesswork out of growth and improve their bottom line.

With new tools and technology, like Meta’s Conversions API (CAPI), which helps connect the dots between SMBs’ ads and conversion events (such as add to cart) from their server, commerce platform, or customer database, campaign success can be measured in real-time.

Integrating simple tools that calculate sales conversion and tests that compare ad strategy, SMBs can tweak their content throughout their campaigns to better target relevant audiences and drive growth.

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