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Can the Government Help Your Business Recover From the Pandemic?

1 Mins read

If your small business was open for business during the COVID-19 pandemic and you kept employees on payroll, your small business may be eligible to receive a payroll tax refund through the Employee Retention Credit program.

The ERC is essentially a payroll tax refund for SMBs. Your small business may be eligible to receive up to $26,000 for every employee you retained during the pandemic. The ERC is part of the same CARES act that offered Payroll Protection Program loans (PPP) to small businesses.

When the CARES act was first passed, businesses could only apply for either PPP or ERC, but not both. That changed in 2021 when updated regulations allowed companies to access both relief packages. But so many business owners are still unaware of the ERC program or how to determine if they qualify.

There are still funds available—but only until April 15, 2024, so if you don’t want to leave money on the table, you need to find out if your business qualifies for ERC assistance. It’s easy—and it’s fast. Go to, and Innovation Refunds can let you know if your business may be eligible to receive ERC assistance in eight minutes. Yes, only eight minutes!

Think of all the things you can use these funds for. You can take immediate steps toward reaching your 2023 goals, upgrade or buy new equipment, expand your marketing budget, open a new location, hire new employees, and so much more.

Again, time is of the essence here. The ERC program ends on April 15, 2024, so go to today to find out if your business qualifies for ERC assistance.

In partnership with Innovation Refunds.

ERC stock image by Vitalii Vodolazskyi/Shutterstock

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