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How Music Improves Workplace Productivity and Keeps Employees Connected

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When the right beat drops, productivity picks up. Inspiration, motivation, joy, nostalgia – all of these feelings make their way through the sound waves, and now, employers are taking note of how this vibe can improve workplaces. The connection between music and productivity has been evident for decades. From factory workers humming tunes to stay on rhythm in assembly lines in the 1800s, to physicians staying focused in surgery with the right background melodies, music helps employees thrive. Today, workplace stress and fatigue is on the rise, and according to research from Future Forum, burnout has reached another all-time high. It’s time for employers to prioritize a positive company culture where productivity replaces burnout and connection breaks isolation. With the power of music, it is possible to bring teams back to the office in a space where they enjoy coming to work to do their jobs each day.

Here are the top ways music empowers workforces to achieve ultimate productivity and connection.

Music Inspires Two-Way Interactions

Two-way interactions are what cause deep, meaningful connections. In a time when isolation is plaguing individuals and the workforce alike, music has the ability to serve as a great unifier. It is rare to find one element – or employee perk – that embraces cultural differences while simultaneously bringing people together. Yet, there’s no denying that a classic song does just that, time and time again. We’ve all experienced it, whether cheering the same words at a sporting event to caroling during the holidays or shouting an anthem at a concert. When employers welcome music into the workplace, a variety of different backgrounds and stories come together and powerful collaboration is achieved.

For instance, when a song flows through the office, an employee might ask, “What’s the name of that song?” In turn, someone would respond, or even better, a few workers might discuss as they try to remember the name of that one band from that one generation and the memories that come with it. Laughter ensues, and workplace connections are made.

The Right Tunes Empower Engagement

Engaged employees are productive employees, and to reach maximum engagement, stress and anxiety must subside. Research shows a direct correlation between music and reduced stress and anxiety. Music also triggers our sense of motivation and boosts concentration, while offering a much-needed distraction from any stress we’re experiencing. In short, music empowers productivity. Additionally, when the brain waves are stimulated with positive external forces, such as a song we enjoy, a chemical known as the neurotransmitter Dopamine (DA) is released. DA is shown in studies to have a crucial role in motivational control – essentially helping us learn how to perform actions to achieve positive outcomes. This is ideal in a fast-paced work environment where decision making and critical thinking are valued.

Employees Enjoy Themes and Positive Energy

Music has a special way of filling a space and transforming it for the better. Many companies take thoughtful consideration to their values and mission, yet not enough emphasis is placed on the energy of a workspace. As employers begin to realize that a creative energy can substantially elevate employees’ moods, they open up a world of possibilities. Organizations that are welcoming shared music into the work environment are setting a theme, or a foundation, that has the ability to change the course of a workday, with just one song. Rather than having a team that can’t wait to unwind on a lunch break or after work, create a workspace with such an upbeat energy that workers never feel restricted or stifled from nine to five. Let’s bring the atmosphere of Friday into every day of the work week!

As the workplace continues to evolve and employees of upcoming generations express new workplace desires, the benefits of playing music will stand the test of time, because the history books will show feeling inspired, empowered and happy will never go out of style.

Ross Honey, President & CEO of TouchTunes. TouchTunes Unlimited is pioneering the next frontier of productivity, connectivity, happiness and culture through a sleek, modern jukebox designed specifically for the workplace. Employers can leverage the power of music to open new possibilities and provide a one-of-a-kind perk that comes complete with an expansive music catalog and immersive app. Instill a culture where productivity and connectedness are simply a part of your organization’s foundation. Do this through an innovative employee benefit tool, such as the TouchTunes Unlimited jukebox, and watch as team members gather around the digital jukebox to select songs, chat about memories and share stories that uncover their unique backgrounds and cultures. A team with this energy is a mighty force that can conquer goals and reach new levels of success.

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