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Bachelorette Houses: Bride-to-Be’s Say “I Do” to Short-Term Rentals

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Apartment Therapy (AT) reports that one of the trendiest new real estate investments is renting out houses for bachelorette parties. These homes “are jam-packed with amenities and accessories tailored to partying with feminine flair; there are often Instagrammable mural walls and neon signs, yard games, floral wallpaper, pink accents, and buckets of extra bachelorette decorations and accessories.”

AT says the rentals range from around $400 to $1,000 per night, depending on the time of year.” Currently, they’re typically located in “popular party locations” like Nashville and Scottsdale, Arizona. But the trend is spreading and could be coming soon to your city or town.

Many of these bachelorette houses are already part of the Airbnb network. Vanessa Aguirre, the owner of “Femme House” in Nashville and Scottsdale, tells AT, “You want to have at least one wall that is going to be vacant and available for these girls to do whatever setup they’re bringing.”

Aguirre landed upon her Femme theme when trying to distinguish her Airbnb from others on the site. Her locations paid off. She told AT she “netted a 43% jump in profits” (in Nashville) from her first to her second year. And, so far this year, “her Scottsdale location saw occupancy increase from 40% to 70%.

Another bachelorette party house owner (also with locations in Scottsdale and Nashville) says business has exceeded her expectations. AT adds, “Carving out a bachelorette niche has proved to be a booming business.”

The Knot says half of bridesmaids will spend $1,000 or more on a bachelorette party. AT talked to Anja Winikka, a wedding expert, who notes that bachelorette party trends have shifted from “a night on the town” to group trips.

If you own short-term rentals and are trying to make your homes stand apart from the competition, Alexa Nota, co-founder and COO of Rent Responsibly, an organization for short-term rental owners, shares some tips with AT, including “having a noise monitoring system, a no-glitter rule, and providing reusable props and décor.”

Social media, especially Instagram and TikTok, are essential to marketing your bachelorette home.

Winikkia told AT she thinks the trend will make its way across the country and “probably has a good 10-year run ahead of it.”

Apartment Therapy says combining the short-term rental market and the ever-booming wedding industry can be a “perfect storm of profits.”

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