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Drink Up! 8 Beverage Trends to Watch

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Nation’s Restaurant News (NRN) reports on eight beverage trends it noticed at the most recent National Restaurant Association show held earlier this month.

The reporters took note of the Coca-Cola booth since it distributes products to so many restaurants and said the iconic brand was “highlighting a lot of trendy drinks,” including “aguas frescas and craft lemonades, for which it sees great potential.” Also hot, say the experts at Coca-Cola, are the growing popularity of tropical flavors like pineapple, mango, and cream soda.

NRN says, “Consumers have long shown more of a willingness to drink things that are good for them compared to eating healthful food.” So plenty of healthy beverage choices were on display, including Cocovibe, which consists of coconut water and fruit juice with no added sugar.

Speaking of coconuts, NRN says coconut water is making a comeback. For instance, Eliya has infused its beverages with “ingredients with health halos.”

If you own a bar, Twisted Alchemy is trying to make things easier for you by shipping (under refrigeration) their fresh fruit juices in typical and exotic flavors. The company is marketing them as cocktail mixers, allowing bars to make drinks with fresh juices without the time and labor of actually squeezing the fruit themselves.”

Also, keep your eyes out for energy drinks “with an expanding variety of flavors,” healthy “clean” liqueurs, and flavor packs you mix with water, like a healthier version of Kool-Aid.

There are several types of THC beverages being sold in dispensaries where it’s legal. One company, Floral Beverages, is working on a flavored seltzer made with hemp, which it says makes it legal for consumers over 21 to buy anywhere in the country.

If you own a fast-food restaurant or convenience store, look for a less complex, more user-friendly version of Coke’s Freestyle machine and an Icee and Coca-Cola collaboration offering customizable slushies.

Check out the article at NRN for a full run-down of all the trends.

Photo courtesy: Hubert’s Lemonade

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