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2023 Dining Habits

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A new survey from US Foods shows Americans are continuing their pandemic dining out habits “with the number of takeout and delivery orders surpassing dine-in occasions.” The survey reports that, on average, we’re ordering takeout or delivery 4.5 times a month, compared to eating at a restaurant an average of 3 times a month.

Of those who order takeout, 57% prefer eating in the comfort of their own homes rather than in a restaurant. Consumers who go to restaurants don’t feel like cooking (75%), say it’s more convenient (51%), and enjoy socialization (44%). And if you’re trying to attract people to your restaurants, 63% say one of their top reasons to go out to eat is the “atmosphere” of the restaurant.

One restaurant trend not going over that well with consumers is the shift to using QR codes instead of physical menus. US Foods’ research shows that over 75% of diners—across all generations—prefer a physical menu, though 31% of Gen Z would rather use a QR code.

Americans are still watching their wallets when going out to eat. Half spend less than $20 per person. And on average, we’re spending about $166 a month per person going out to eat.

And the survey says that when it comes to tipping, the average tip amount is 18%, though 38% of restaurant diners tip 20% (and 28% tip 15%).

The restaurants attracting the most diners are casual dining eateries, fast food, fast casual, contemporary casual, and bar and grills. If you own a bar and grill, 66% of diners want your restaurant to have TVs for them to watch. And they prefer to sit in booths (46%) or at tables (30%)—only 12% like sitting at a high-top table.

David Eschler, vp of Culinary and Restaurant Operations at US Foods, says, “As diner habits and priorities continue to evolve, restaurant operators must continue to optimize their menu, marketing spend, and technology solutions to stay profitable.”

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