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How Employers Can Show Their Teams They Are Valued

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Whether an employee is just starting at your company and you want to welcome them onto the team, or you are a leader seeking to show long-time employees that they are valued, companies need to take an outside-the-box approach to show appreciation for employees. The Great Resignation has left many employers scrambling to develop employee appreciation initiatives that will lead to better retention and happier team members. 

In a recent survey, 29% of responding workers said that they hadn’t been shown appreciation for their work in over a year. In the same survey, 80% of employees said they would work harder if they felt more appreciated by management. 

Companies interested in retaining top talent and having satisfied employees should innovative ways to convey that they value those employees and that their work is appreciated. 

Making connections

Branded company swag, such as hats, t-shirts, or jackets, can not only be a great welcome gift but allows employees to become part of your company’s story from day one. When they wear their branded garments outside of work, they identify themselves as a part of your organization’s team — a family bond. Much like wearing branded clothing from your favorite sports team, company swag shows allegiance and allows the employee to take pride in where they have chosen to build their career. 

Company swag serves as a tangible and thoughtful way to communicate appreciation to employees. At Garmeo, companies can create custom apparel that speaks to their company mission, values, and personality. Along with the benefits of the brand’s name being showcased to others outside the office, which creates free organic advertising, company swag symbolizes a connection between the company’s identity and the individual employee. Employees who receive well-designed, creative items like apparel, accessories, or gadgets can more easily feel a sense of belonging and recognition. 

Investing in their employees

Employers know that without investing in their team members, they run the risk of employees not feeling valued, which can have a significant negative impact on their productivity. Luckily, there are a number of ways organizations can thoughtfully invest in their employees that allow them to feel not only valued, but recognized for the work and skills they bring to the team. 

One way that companies can invest in their employees is through perks like trips, bonuses, and team-building outings and activities. Events that are designed to be employee-specific not only give an organization’s team the opportunity to bond with one another, but also to learn new skills or relax after a particularly tough project.

Additionally, employers can also show that their employees’ happiness is a top priority with custom apparel tailored to their employees. Whether it’s a team uniform or branded clothing employees can wear at work or in their free time, custom apparel isn’t just about cohesion — it’s about giving team members a sense of belonging and meaning in their work. And for employers, the positivity that radiates from a cohesive team environment can provide a significant return on investment for the company. 

Custom apparel can also be used to celebrate the employee’s investment in the company. When employees reach milestones such as anniversaries or promotions, high-quality custom apparel can mark those moments by highlighting the time, energy, and talent the employee has contributed to the company’s mission. 

Employees who know that their employers are investing in them have a higher sense of company pride and are far more likely to stay with an organization

Professional growth and learning opportunities

Along with generous benefits and more flexibility, employees who receive professional growth and advancement opportunities report being far more satisfied with their positions. Additionally, many employees and employers agree that professional growth and learning opportunities contribute to a better company culture overall. In the wake of the pandemic and the Great Resignation that followed, 69% of companies increased employee development programs. 

As employers attempted to make sense of why talented employees would resign from positions, it was found that a lack of learning or advancement opportunities was a significant factor in employee turnover. One study even surmised that the Great Resignation was paving the way toward a “Great Retraining,” where employees who resigned take it upon themselves to learn new skills and make themselves more marketable for higher-paying positions. 

If employers want to show they value their employees’ talents and wish to retain their place within the organization, they must be proactive in offering these training and professional development opportunities. Whether it’s through branded garments that allow employees to feel like part of a team or through professional growth initiatives that allow them to grow their careers, initiatives that show employees are valued should be a priority for any organization. 

The workplace landscape is experiencing a shift in the wake of Covid, one in which employees are realizing what they want out of an employer and are willing to go and find it. Employers run the risk of losing talent if they do not find a fresh way to make employees feel happy, appreciated, and — above all — valued as part of the organizational team. 

Henry Ma is a business expert who has helped over 3,000 startups and established business owners in over 150 countries grow their decorated apparel businesses in his role as CEO of embroidery machine manufacturer Ricoma International. Henry is the founder of several online startups, including Garmeo, an order fulfillment platform for decorated apparel businesses, and is an expert on scaling businesses, content marketing, audience building, community management and more. As the host of Apparel Academy, a show on Ricoma’s YouTube channel, he offers insights and strategies for people looking for success in the decorated apparel industry.

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