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Grabbing (and Holding) Customers Attention: Harnessing Visual Strategies for Successful Product Marketing

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In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, small and medium-sized business owners are grappling with the task of swiftly and effectively capturing the interest of current and prospective customers online. Research reveals that web visitors tend to read only about half the content on web pages containing 111 words or less, and the average page visit lasts under a minute, with many visits spanning just 10 seconds or less.

Overcoming this challenge hinges on understanding the “why” that drives your work and leaning on imagery and video to engage consumers. In fact, visuals wield a significant influence on consumer behavior and purchasing decisions. Studies indicate that a striking 92% of consumers consider visuals the most influential factor in their decision-making process. Furthermore, articles enriched with images garner 94% more views, while videos enhance comprehension and engagement.

Here are three strategies to ensure your business not only stands out from the competition, but also forges new connections with your target audience, fostering meaningful engagement online.

1. Define What’s Important and How it will Benefit Your Customers

To create product pages that genuinely drive sales for your small business, begin by outlining the goals of your page and the advantages customers stand to gain. This forms the bedrock for creating impactful pages. It’s crucial to underscore why your product holds value for customers and why it holds significance for them. As you collaborate with your product design team to bring your vision to life, always keep these objectives at the forefront.

The way you structure information plays a pivotal role in creating impactful content. Given online readers don’t digest every word, swiftly capturing their attention and showcasing your product’s value is imperative. This is where visuals come into play. The masterful integration of imagery and video sets your message apart and sustains your audience’s interest, helping to bring your page to life and tell a compelling story about your product and brand

Remember, online shoppers tend to skim content, so it’s important to hone in on elements that resonate and stand out. For instance, your headlines act as the first impression—they can either captivate or lose a customer. Acknowledging that not everyone delves into all the details, use colors, fonts, and visuals to highlight vital information. These nuanced design choices guide your audience to crucial insights, elevating the likelihood of converting them into customers. By employing these visual techniques, you can ensure pivotal aspects receive the attention they merit to ultimately help with boosting your sales prospects.

2. Engage Your Audience with Messages and Visuals Tailored to Them

It’s increasingly important to be more targeted and customized in how you approach audiences in today’s digital era. Previous tactics of broadcasting your message widely may not garner desired outcomes, as consumer preferences and attitudes toward engagement have shifted in recent years. Instead, focusing on a more precise approach can earn heightened engagement and relevance. Digital communication offers the advantage of pinpointing specific consumer segments and tailoring your messaging accordingly.

For instance, when targeting Gen Z consumers, understanding what drives them is vital in learning how to reach them. According to VisualGPS Gen Z shoppers increasingly gravitate towards supporting small businesses aligned with their values, even if it means paying more. Visuals can be a crucial conduit for conveying these values, from sustainability to diversity, which resonates deeply with this demographic.

Alternatively, catering to environmentally conscious consumers of all ages might necessitate a slightly varied approach. For example, the surge of electric vehicles as symbols of sustainability presents an opportunity to align your brand visually with this movement. Data reveals a substantial increase in consumer interest concerning electric vehicles, offering a compelling visual strategy for businesses focused on sustainability.

Once your target audience is determined, use free digital tools like VisualGPS Insights to better inform what visual content makes the most sense for your efforts. This tool specifically helps expedite the gathering of invaluable insights into visual trends and industry data, enabling precise, data-driven marketing decisions, rather than just going with your gut. For instance, you can pinpoint the most effective visuals for specific audiences based on their geographical location, industry or interest over time.

3. Experiment with Free Trials to Drive Customer Conversions

In the quest to convert visitors into customers, the key lies not in selling everything to everyone, but in guiding them towards the best decision for their needs. This is where free trials come into play. Free trials mitigate decision-making risk for potential customers, particularly those who might be hesitant. According to r the Subscription Commerce Conversion Index, more than 54% of consumers continued their subscriptions after the free trial period, showcasing this as an effective strategy for businesses trying to establish new connections with customers.

Offering free trials also can set your business apart from competitors that lack this provision. It showcases confidence in your product’s value and affords customers the opportunity to experience it firsthand, significantly enhancing conversion possibilities.

Unleash the Power of an Immersive Product Marketing Strategy

The route to converting interest to sales hinges on comprehending the goals and objectives of your product pages, identifying your target audience and their motivations, and capturing their attention in today’s world where we’re flooded with messages across diverse channels. Accomplishing this with compelling visuals, and then presenting them with a clear incentive—via free trials—to become loyal customers, is pivotal in propelling your product marketing strategy successfully.

Grant Farhall is the Chief Product Officer at Getty Images and iStock.

Visual marketing stock image by metamorworks/Shutterstock

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