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Z Style: Gen Z Home Décor Trends

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The leading edge of Generation Z is now in their 20s and settling into their first apartments and homes. But what’s their style? Since TikTok is their social medium of choice, the UK’s Prompt Cleaners compiled a new report on TikTok’s home decor leading trends for this past summer for Gen Z.

To determine the most popular home decorating trend and what they’re likely spending money on, the company examined videos with the hashtags #homedecor, #homeware, #decor, #homestyling, #decoratingtips, #interiordesign, #DIYhomedecor, and #homedecorsummer. Then, they ranked the most popular trends based on the total number of hashtag views.

The conclusion: Gen Z is “specifically interested in simpler, more basic styles.” Their findings:

Cottagecore: Cottagecore is the top home decorating style choice, boasting 14.9 billion hashtag views. It “puts casual livability at the forefront.” The style focuses on “simplicity and ease” and evolved from traditional cottage design, incorporating style and functionality. Cottagecore includes a mix of floral patterns, warm woods, and bright colors.

Cottagecore example.

Minimalist: This “less is more” design drew 3.2 billion hashtag views. The design features space-saving furniture, tight-back seating, exposed structural elements, and bare-bones lighting in homes and office buildings.

Minimalist example.

Bookshelf: While not a style, Gen Z is into creatively displaying their books. The most popular styles, with 3 billion hashtag views, include rainbow models and color-coordinated shelves.

Bookshelf example.

Woodart: Woodworking has been reborn in a big way, with over 1.7 billion hashtag views. Woodart includes art pieces for the wall, unique side tables, and carved figurines.

Woodart example. (I love this table)

Maximalism: Maximalist design “embraces excess in all shapes and forms,” but that doesn’t mean it’s messy. With 1.5 billion hashtag views, this style is distinguished by clashing patterns, luxurious objects, and lots of accessories. Zoomers who choose this style may need an interior designer’s help to ensure their rooms connote energy and vibrancy and aren’t a cluttered mess.

Maximalism example with a touch of Barbiecore.

There are three additional top décors on Prompt Cleaners’ top list. Be sure to check the full list out.

Cottagecore stock image by Wirestock Creators/Shutterstock

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