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Falling for Fall: The Scents of the Season

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It’s fall (almost officially), and Starbucks is already selling pumpkin spice everything in its thousands of stores. While there are many pumpkin spice fans out there, there are some pretty vocal detractors. (If you listen to Marketplace on APM, host Kai Ryssdal’s hate for pumpkin spice is legendary.)

To combat pumpkin spice fatigue, ModernRetail reports that some brands are determined to find the “next big thing” in fall flavors. The publication points to the Grove Collaborative’s (they make cleaning products) newly-issued, limited-edition scent, Harvest Apple performed 82% better than its limited-edition Spiced Pumpkin scent in the first month, almost doubling the revenue.

Apple seems to be the “it” spice of the moment. Bath and Body Works released 35 fall scents, including at least three apple-scented ones. To please everyone, one of those scents is Pumpkin Apple.

Apple is having a moment in food as well. ModernRetail reports Pinkberry introduced a spiced apple cider yogurt, Cold Stone Creamery is selling pumpkin bread batter and caramel apple ice cream this fall, and Starbucks (the purported creator of the pumpkin spice craze) “ launched an iced apple crisp oat milk shaken espresso” earlier this year.

Syrup manufacturer Jordan’s Skinny Mixes told ModernRetail its candy apple flavor “has seen 250% year-over-year growth as of early September.” The company plans to feature several additional apple flavors and will promote them by publishing recipes for apple-forward drinks this month.

Pura, an at-home fragrance company, issued a limited-edition collection of fall fruits that includes Honeycrisp Oakwood and Apple Cider Social scents. The company told ModernRetail, “The fall fruits are definitely in right now and add a different feeling for fall.”

If you own a restaurant, there’s still plenty of time to add apple-based items to your menus. Retailers can use the apple scents to create an ambiance in your store. The Grove’s general manager, Lucy Leahy, told ModernRetail apple scents are “zesty” and “crisp,” and Pura calls them “refreshing.”

I don’t drink coffee, so I have no personal insight on pumpkin spice lattes, and I dislike apple cider, but one of the best donuts I’ve ever eaten was an apple spice donut at an apple-picking orchard in New Jersey.

Photo courtesy: Starbucks

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