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Unravelling the Impact of AI Tools on Email Copywriting

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A large number of what-ifs that surrounded AI tools and their implementation in the day-to-day operations of our professional lives were answered rather generously by the advent of ChatGPT. Folks who earlier harbored an innocuous curiosity toward the seemingly mystical realm of AI could now, all of a sudden, experience first-hand its machinations. Many argue, and rightfully so, that ChatGPT represents a watershed moment in the field of technological and scientific innovation. And so, industries across the globe are engaged urgently with their think tanks, trying to figure out optimal routes of incorporating this potent tool into their scheme of things, such as email marketing. 

At present, ChatGPT’s applications extend primarily to the field of writing. Hailed as an excellent writing assistant by industry experts, ChatGPT promises to help persons of letters unlock new horizons of their craft. Yes, this shift is going to be just as momentous as it sounds. The writing landscape, including that of email copywriting, is at the cusp of witnessing a potentially historical transformation. This brings with itself, of course, its own set of anxieties, too. Questions around the necessity of human intervention and the ramifications of possible over-reliance on such tools are being hotly discussed as we speak. Reliable answers to these, however, can only be drawn out the more prolonged our association with these tools becomes. That said, one can always use critical parameters that are current to embark on an informed crystal-gazing expedition. In our opinion, such exercises must be encouraged, too, lest we happen to be caught ill-equipped for the tidings of the future. 

Staying true to our conviction, we got in touch with a handful of venerable minds in the industry to solicit their views on the direction in which AI tools will shape email copywriting. Check out their responses here!

10 Experts Gauge The Impact AI Tools Will Have On Email Copywriting!
Source:10 Experts Gauge The Impact AI Tools Will Have On Email Copywriting!

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