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Expert Reveals 6 Ways to Boost Office Morale: Beyond the Pizza Party

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We are approaching the end of the year, and with that, organizations are preparing for resignations from their employees. According to CNBC, in 2022, nearly 4.1 million people quit their jobs in December, so why not start making changes in the office now to improve employee retention? 

The office environment morale is more than just a mood; it’s the heartbeat of every thriving organization. High morale often translates into heightened productivity and happy employees.

On the other hand, low morale can lead to challenges like increased turnover and poor performance from employees, leaving company managers wondering how they can increase their employees’ satisfaction. 

While everyone loves a good pizza party, Tina Weede, Talent and Culture Expert and Founder of GRATITUDESGroup, suggests several refreshing and unique strategies to keep employees, even those working remotely, happy and in a good mood.

Wellness Comes First

The mental and physical well-being of employees often directly correlates with their performance. Weekly team walks can be a way for everyone to refresh from the office environment. For remote teams, consider starting meetings with a short meditation or breathing exercise. Maybe subscribe to a virtual wellness platform and allow employees access. 

“The beauty here is twofold because it provides a break and also indicates that the company values their well-being beyond just their output,” comments Tina. 

Milestones Matter

Every achievement, no matter how small, is a testament to an employee’s contribution to the company. Create a ‘Wall of Fame’ in the office, or a virtual board for remote workers, to highlight these achievements. 

“Consider monthly or quarterly awards, and not just for work performance. Celebrate personal triumphs too, like running a marathon or completing a personal project. These gestures convey the message that the company sees and values the holistic growth of its members,” comments Tina. 

Flex the Schedule

The traditional 9-5 isn’t for everyone, especially now when work-life integration is more important than work-life separation. Allow employees to choose hours that match their peak productivity periods. 

“Empowering employees with time often translates into empowering the company with results. For remote workers, this could mean working in different time zones or choosing split shifts,” says Tina. 

Small Acts, Big Impacts

The little things often carry the most weight. A handwritten note of appreciation, an unexpected book delivered to one’s doorstep, or even a surprise day-off coupon can light up an employee’s day.

“For remote workers, consider collaborations with local delivery services to send surprise care packages. These gestures may be small, but their impact echoes in boosted morale and renewed enthusiasm,” suggests Tina. 

Virtual Bonds are Real

Hosting monthly virtual game nights or trivia sessions can bring teams together. Consider setting up ‘virtual coffee dates’, where employees from different departments get paired up to chat. 

“These small virtual meetings can make things fun for the team while boosting their productivity and making them feel included,” comments Tina. 

Gamify Tasks

Work doesn’t always have to feel like work. Introduce gamification elements in daily tasks, like leaderboards for completed tasks or badges for innovation. Maybe even host monthly challenges where teams compete to find the best solutions to hypothetical problems. 

“Infusing fun into tasks can turn work from mundane to exciting. Making work engaging and even competitive sometimes gives employees something to look forward to,” suggests Tina.

The allure of pizza is undeniable, but boosting office morale requires more creative efforts. The true essence lies in valuing, trusting, and resonating with every employee, whether they are in the next cubicle or halfway across the world.

Tina Weede is the president and CEO of GRATITUDESGroup.

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