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How Much Does It Cost to Hire Someone to Build a Mobile App?

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From schools to banks, all categories of businesses, industries, and infrastructures are paving their way toward providing easy-to-use mobile apps to users. Simplified user accessibility and enhanced experience to applications bridge the gap between users and businesses. They offer increased brand awareness and ensure user personalization. Providing users with a feasible, accessible app regardless of their desktop is becoming a remarkable step towards business expansion and user reliance. 

To make a leap towards mobile app development for your domain-specific business, you must plan the process systematically and ensure in-depth research regarding the aspects that can affect your budget. Moving ahead and allocating app developers for hire is not the appropriate approach when businesses are investment-restrained. Understanding the need of the hour, ensuring that the application fits the right targeted audience, and incorporating cognitive features into it can vary the overall app development expense. Take the decision with a proper understanding of your requirements and future business aspirations toward user engagement. In order to get closer to the estimated development, let us enable you to answer some of the main questions that play a consequential role.

Major Factors That Influence App Development Cost

A multitude of factors affect the cost of mobile app development services. It is preferable for businesses to incorporate them in decision-making. Now is the right time to understand aspects like the choice of platform, the requirement of a specific type of developer, and feature integration. Let us dig deep and find out how you must stimulate the estimated cost of mobile app development.

Dedicated Developer on the Basis of Chosen Platform

A thorough research of the targeted audience quickens the decision-making towards the platform and accelerates the business expansion. Choosing a platform that aligns with your business aspiration brings you closer to elevating your revenue. Since platform plays a huge role in cost-effective mobile application development, it is suggested that businesses must analyze their requirement. For instance, building two different applications for iOS and Android is more expensive than building a cross-platform application that targets both categories. The same comparison arises when businesses choose iOS over Android and prefer to go specific about the app. The capital invested differs in the case of iOS, Android, and website-compatible applications.

An Android app developer costs $30-65 USD on an hourly basis, while an iOS developer charges $45-75 USD hourly. Considering that the amount varies with the preferable developer and platform, hire mobile app developers.

API Integration

Applications with advanced features and functionalities immensely affect the development cost. Features like a shopping cart, high-powered graphical functionality, and user sign-in turn a simple mobile application into a complex app. You must understand your requirements for the application and present it to the developer in order to find out the estimated rate of development. Be sure if you need an app with a single screen and limited features or an API-integrated app with multiple functionalities. A complex with a search bar, in-built calculator, and tracking system can cost anywhere between $500,000 USD and $700,000 USD.

Noteworthy Aspect to Focus on Before Finalizing Your App Development Partner

There are certain things businesses should consider before approaching a mobile app development company in order to get the best mobile app development services.

Understand What You Need

It is essential to be clear about your requirements if you want an accurate quote for your project and no additional costs for last-minute modifications. Is it possible for users to sync their progress across devices using Facebook in your iPhone game? Does your stock quote app need quotes from one or more sources? Will you be using an already-existing cloud-based solution or bespoke servers to store consumer data? Before you engage someone to design your app, use the responses to these questions to construct a requirements document for mobile apps.

You won’t always know the answers, of course. Additionally, a number of unexpected issues will surface throughout the software development process. You’ll figure it out with the assistance of the agency or freelancer you choose to work with. But you’ll save time and money if you approach the procedure with as much knowledge as possible.

Necessary Features Requirement

An app’s functionality may always be added later. However, once you have paid for a feature, you cannot get it back; even if you decide not to use it, the money is lost. Thus, carefully consider what you actually need. Do you require push alerts? You could have to put in an additional 100 hours of labor and pay $5,000 if you decide to include those in your app. Does it make sense? How do in-app purchases work? You might need to budget at least $750 and spend at least 30 hours. That could be excessive for a little project. even seemingly little details, like making sure an app functions in both portrait and landscape mode.

Finalizing Right Mobile App Development Company

It’s possible that you believe all app development companies are created equal. or that any independent contractor with expertise in app development would be able to finish your job quickly.

But it’s important to deal with the correct provider. An accomplished developer with a track record of working with customers in your sector might be the difference between an over-budget project that ends up looking terrible and an amazing experience.

Take your time selecting a freelancer or agency. Examine portfolios, request bids, and ask a lot of questions. In order to hire dedicated mobile app developers, you may also utilize a platform that screens independent contractors; Toptal is an excellent example of one of these platforms. They don’t hire people who are better on paper than they are in person because they exclusively work with skilled, seasoned tech experts. Other options are Fiverr,, and Upwork. On a website like Stack Overflow, a professional app developer community, you can possibly come across an excellent hire.

The process of developing a mobile application is time-consuming and frequently costly. However, it could hold the secret to the success of your company (or a brand-new venture). Yes, it may set you back six figures. However, if you’ve ever used subpar software, you are aware of the negative effects of cutting corners.

As with any commercial or technological process, it is important to begin with the fundamentals. Determine precisely what you require in terms of the necessary skill set and specs to perform the task. Establish a rough budget. Collaborate with experts in the field. Make use of these app development pointers to aid in your preparation.

Mosche Amara is an ingenious mobile app developer at SparxIT with impeccable industry knowledge. He helps the industry with his garnered knowledge to impart detailed analysis of intricate aspects of mobile app development.

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