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7 Important Reasons to Cater Your Business to Consumer Needs

4 Mins read

Tailoring your business to the consumer isn’t just a savvy move; it’s a must for staying relevant within the industry. When you’re all about your customers, you build up trust and loyalty that makes the consumers consistently come back, talk about the brand, and make your brand a part of their daily lives. It is vital to understand your customers’ needs and take the time to talk with them. Below are seven ways that Dogdrop, the premier on-demand dog daycare provider, has catered our business to the consumer and ways in which you can apply it to your own brand. Connecting to the consumer has led to our success and truly lets us live out our mission of being a community-oriented brand built on trust and local reputation.

1. Location

To integrate seamlessly into the lives, you need to think about where they spend most of their time and how it relates to your business. Dogdrop has the luxury to go into primarily ground-floor retail and multi-family properties so that people have easy access to our locations. Dogdrop seamlessly integrates dog care into the daily lives of pet parents. Other boarding locations have certain location restrictions based on permits and overnight boarding, but by focusing solely on the daytime care experience, Dogdrop can fit into more spaces. Having smaller locations and putting them everywhere allows consumers to easily drop their dog off. This same logic can be utilized for other businesses; think about where consumers can easily access your business and expand from there; give your customers the ultimate convivence.

2. Enhanced Customer Experience

Customer experience is a critical factor influencing purchasing decisions. Businesses that prioritize customer-centricity invest in creating positive and memorable experiences. Every touchpoint is an opportunity to cater to consumer needs and enhance overall satisfaction. A delighted customer contributes to positive reviews, word-of-mouth marketing, and repeat business. For us, convenient drop-off services streamline the customer experience, allowing individuals to swiftly and effortlessly pick up or leave their dog and have a great interaction with our staff.

3. Timing

Dogdrop is designed to seamlessly integrate into the lives of our members. Modern life doesn’t always conform to the traditional 9-5 schedule. Unlike some daycare facilities that may expect pet parents to fit into rigid time slots, we understand that people lead diverse and dynamic lives. Our flexible approach gives pet parents the freedom to easily drop off their pup at any time, allowing convenience and the peace of mind that your dog is well taken care of. We charge in 30-minute increments which allows more flexibility. By focusing on not just making money or “upselling” we are building trust with our members and instead, focusing on a product that really works.  By putting ourselves in the consumer’s shoes, we recognize that many people work from home, might need a little peace from their dog, or want their dog to socialize.

4. Traveling

Thinking about the consumers’ journey, not just when they are at home but also when they travel, allows the brand to stay relevant and accessible in different contexts, fostering a deeper connection with the audience. For example, Dogdrop membership allows you to go to any location, making it the perfect choice for pet owners who travel frequently. Our strategically located facilities cater to the needs of dogs and their owners across the country, providing a consistent and reliable solution for pet care. Whether you’re on a road trip, business trip, or vacation, Dogdrop is there to seamlessly accommodate your dog’s daycare needs, ensuring a convenient and stress-free experience for both you and your dog.

5. Technology

At Dogdrop, we’re all about making the pet parenting experience a breeze. Our tech-savvy approach means you get real-time updates on your pup’s visit, with texts and pics to keep you in the loop instantly. Being a tech-enabled franchise allows us to grow and modify our business as industry trends change. Consumers can easily access their pet’s profile, track usage, manage their subscription, and stay informed through the Dogdrop platform. Whether you’re a restaurant boasting new menu items or a sports program, having real-time updates allows for transparency and consumer ease.

6. Training

Businesses in various industries can thrive by creating interactive and educational environments, ensuring customers not only receive a service but also get tangible takeaways. Dogdrop offers more than just a safe space for your dog—it’s a preschool! Your dog gets to socialize, utilize toys, and interact with certified staff. Through interactive play with other dogs, our facility becomes a dynamic learning environment where dogs develop social skills and behaviors. Our “Droperators ” ensure a positive and educational experience, fostering a well-rounded and happy dog ready to thrive in various social settings. Your dog is getting taken care of but is also becoming a better dog.

7. Personalization

At Dogdrop, we understand that every dog is unique, and their needs vary. That’s why we prioritize personalization in our services. From the moment a new client enters our facility, we take the time to get to know their dog’s personality, preferences, and any specific requirements they may have. Our “Good Fit Test” allows us to tailor our services to cater to each dog’s individual needs, ensuring they have a comfortable and enjoyable experience at our daycare, and also provide safety to our other dogs. By offering personalized care, we not only provide peace of mind to pet parents but also foster a sense of trust and loyalty with our customers.

Catering your business to consumer needs is crucial for success in any industry, including dog daycare. In a competitive market, businesses that prioritize consumer needs are more likely to thrive. By continuously adapting and evolving to meet the changing demands of your target audience, you can stay ahead of the curve and ensure the long-term success of your business.

Shaina Denny is the Cofounder and CEO of Dogdrop— venture backed, female founded start-up building the next generation of dog care. More information can be found at

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