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7 Best Uses of OCR Tools in Digital Marketing

4 Mins read

If you want to succeed in digital marketing, you need to be efficient. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is one of the top tools that are gaining popularity in recent years. It lets you extract text from scanned documents and images, making your job simpler and easier. 

Is OCR technology helping digital marketers? Yes, it is!

In this post, you will explore the benefits of using OCR tools in digital marketing. Keep reading this article, whether you want to improve your data analysis capabilities or streamline the content creation process in digital marketing. 

Benefits of OCR tools in Digital Marketing

Extracting Text From Images for Better SEO

Sometimes, your site’s picture contains important information and keywords about your product. However, search engines only understand texts. This is where OCR tools come in. They scan the images that contain crucial information and turn their words into plain text that search engines can comprehend. Now, the information embedded in the picture is free. 

As a digital marketer, now you can create content around those keywords and sprinkle them in it. Guess what?

All blog posts, articles, and product descriptions that contain hidden text in the form of images can now make your website more informative. These tools have made text extraction for SEO quite simpler. You can use the technology of OCR for keyword research. 

So, if your site contains images filled with valuable information, you can use an OCR tool to boost your SEO performance. 

Revolutionizing Content Creation

Digital marketers have to create top-quality content for their target audience. While gathering valuable information on their topic, they often see images and handwritten notes loaded with information.

This task becomes challenging when they manually transcribe the information. With an image to text converter tool, they do not have to type the information by their hands. It extracts text from images in a few seconds. 

Whether your image is in JPG, JPEG, or PNG format, the tool has the capability to extract text from it. 

A JPG to Word converter tool uses smart technology to instantly extract images of all formats. And the best part? It quickly converts the extracted text into a clear and editable format without charging a single penny. 

Additionally, if you want to expand your business globally, your content needs to speak in other languages. This is where it can help you extract text from images used by your competitors in other regions. You can translate the extracted text into your language to understand their strategy.

Saving Your Time

Digital marketers remain very busy in their field. They see ads, write quality content, and analyze their competitors’ data. They want to save time so that they better focus on untouched aspects of their business. 

Here JPG to Word converting tool does not let them down. It helps them convert handwritten notes and other scanned documents’ text into editable in the shortest possible time. In fact, it saves hours of finger-tapping procedure. 

They can easily analyze and copy their competitors’ strategies by extracting information from their images. Plus, they no longer need to panic about committing spelling mistakes while transcribing text. The tool does not make any typo mistakes. 

Speeding Up Email Marketing Efforts

Data extraction with OCR tools has become a piece of cake for digital marketers. Successful digital marketers pay great attention to email marketing. Most often, they receive digital business cards containing some queries about their products or services. 

Instead of manually entering their customers’ business details, marketers can easily use the OCR tool to extract details from cards and save their time. So, they do not need to go through the tedious process of data entry.

In addition to extracting information from business cards, these tools can also scan receipts, invoices, and other customers’ digital documents and pull out text from them. In this way, you can customize your email campaigns. 

Maximizing Lead Generation Process

An online JPG to Word converter has streamlined the process of image to text conversion for marketing. Imagine you are attending a networking event and swamped with multiple business cards. You can convert them into editable text by using the tool. 

It scans piles of papers and transforms them into digital format. Accordingly, you can easily store the names, email addresses, and other personal details of your potential customers. 

In this way, you can instantly contact the highly interested lead once they have handed you business cards. So, you can strike the marketing magic in a better way. 

Improving Customer Service

A JPG to word converter can help you fine-tune your customer service. Customers send screenshots, scanned documents, and receipts to state their problems. 

Your customer care representatives can use the tool to quickly scan those files and provide you with the required information. 

This way, they no longer need to transcribe the blurry photos or deal with poorly written notes. They can simply use the tool to solve problems. 

Boosting Document Accessibility

OCR tools can help digital marketers make information open and usable for everyone. Imagine you have an excellent piece of copy written in messy images or scanned documents. Not all people can access them easily. 

Here, these tools make image to text conversion for marketing quite easier. You can transform those images into text that is searchable and ready to share with others.


Search engines understand text only, so OCR tools extract text from scanned documents and images and convert them into editable formats. As a result, digital marketers can create content around those keywords. 

Digital marketers have to deal with numerous handwritten notes embedded with important information. These tools can extract information from these images and save your time. This is because you do not need to manually type the text within the images. 

They make data extraction easier. You can extract information from business cards, receipts, and invoices. 

OCR tools give a helping hand to your customer care representatives. They allow them to scan documents and screenshots to gather the required information of potential customers. 

Umar Rashid is a content writer and researcher with a passion for technology and artificial intelligence.

Digital marketing stock image by Natee K Jindakum/Shutterstock

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