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New survey shows 95% of women small business owners are happier than ever…

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October is National Women-Owned Small Business Month and given the latest information around women feeling the most burnout, Groupon uncovered some refreshing data that 95% of women small business owners are happier than ever being their own boss despite facing some challenges. As part of the company’s ongoing efforts to champion the success and lend a voice to merchants from underrepresented communities, Groupon spoke with more than 600 women small business owners from around the United States and discovered the following:

  • 54% of women small business owners said they’re held to a different standard than their male counterparts when it comes to accessing capital, acquiring mentors and being taken seriously by their peers.
  • 53% of survey respondents said that it’s harder for them to balance work and family life.
  • 64% of women small business owners are still facing the same challenges they faced at the height of the pandemic.
  • 76% of women small business owners work beyond the standard 8-hour work day, with the average owner working 12 hours a day.
  • But all that hard work pays off  as 64% of women small business owners said they make as much or more money than they did before opening their own business.

Woman business owner stock photo by marvent/Shutterstock

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