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New Cash Flow Tool for Small Businesses

1 Mins read

A new digital cash flow management hub specially designed for small businesses—American Express Business Blueprint™—was recently launched. The hub, which builds on the Kabbage platform, offers free cash flow insights, digital financial products, and an easy way to manage their Business Cards.

Access to free, personalized cash flow insights to help you make financial decisions is available to all U.S. small businesses. In addition, you can apply for access to other select financial products, like a business line of credit.

A survey conducted by American Express shows 82% of the small business owners polled say using a cash flow management hub would save them time to run their businesses, improve efficiency (72%), and increase profitability (50%).

The company says, “American Express Business Blueprint™ is designed to pair products with the daily tasks small business owners engage in to help them manage their cash flow, such as getting a loan to pay bills and vendors, sending wires, checking account balances, making mobile check deposits, accepting card payments, and more.”

The My Insights feature provides small businesses with personalized, 24/7 data analysis of many of their American Express business products—including their American Express Business Cards—and linked external business-bank accounts. My Insights will automatically aggregate the data across these products and linked accounts to show:

  • Money-in and money-out cash flow analyses
  • Expense trends and detailed spending per account
  • Up to two years of historical transactional data
  • 30-day cash-balance projections
  • Expense alerts, notifying customers of increased spending

You may qualify for other digital products, including a line of credit, business checking account, and payment acceptance account.

It’s free to sign up for Business Blueprint. If you are an American Express business customer,  you can use your login to get started.

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