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2D Barcodes Revolutionizing Retail

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The Axios “What’s Next” newsletter says the end of the barcode we’ll all so familiar with is near—only to be replaced by a “more robust and muscular successor that offers far more information about the product inside.”

Axios reports that these new 2D barcodes “unlock reams of online extras (for consumers) and revolutionize inventory management (for retailers).” For instance, scanning the code could offer information about “the sustainability practices of the company that made it — or the washing instructions.”

The advantages of a 2D barcode include improving product safety and offering “greater transparency into the origins of the items we buy.”

Other advantages, according to Axios:

  • Stores can respond immediately to product recalls and remove faulty products from their shelves.
  • Consumers get online access to tons of valuable data—“from ingredients, recipes, and potential allergens to promotional offers and information about how to recycle the product.”

GS1 US is the driving force behind the innovative barcodes. It reports that the industry has set a date “to make the transition to accepting 2D barcodes at point-of-sale—referred to as Sunrise 2027.”

GS1 US offers more resources, including its GS1 US Advanced Data Carriers at Point-of-Sale Getting Started Guide and implementation support for its digital link.

Image courtesy of GS1

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