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How Can a Help Desk Increase Conversions?

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Customer service is an important function that requires the right team and software tools. A helpdesk ticketing system allows for automation and streamlines tasks for agents. It also ensures that customer service is delivered faster and more efficiently. So there’s a possibility that help desk can contribute towards increasing conversions. In this article, we’ll discuss how a help desk can improve your business.

What is a good conversion rate for e-commerce stores?

When site visitors take expected action on your website or store, it’s referred to as a conversion. It could be signing up for an email newsletter or directly placing an order. To calculate a conversion rate, you’d divide the total number of specific actions taken by the total number of visitors over a period of time. Then, multiply the result by 100.

According to a Littledata survey, the average conversion rate for e-commerce stores is 1.3%. Anything below 0.5% means that there’s much to improve on but above 3.3% shows that you’re among the top 20% of stores. Note that every business defines what they view as a conversion e.g. focusing on purchases or considering other actions.

Why is it important to track conversion rates?

Many people feel conversion rates are the percentage of overall sales made but it’s much more than that. It can be a customer requesting a call-back, membership signups, acquiring email addresses, or customers adding items to your store’s wish list. This includes everything that shows a customer’s level of interest in your products or services.

Conversion tracking allows you to know if ads are helping to move your business forward. It helps to determine the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and strategies. You can also gain insights on your audience by analyzing their behaviors on your store. This helps to personalize the user experience as well as improve customer satisfaction.

How can a help desk increase conversion rates?

Great customer service is a must-have for companies who are concerned about rapid business growth. According to Salesforce Research, 94% of customers are more likely to make another purchase after a positive customer service experience. The stats also show that 48% of customers would switch companies to get better customer service.

With a helpdesk ticketing software, you can interact with customers through multiple channels and manage them on a single platform. It allows agents to respond to queries and resolve support tickets much faster. You can also use helpdesk analytics to improve aspects of your business.

How can a good help desk system boost conversions?

A helpdesk ticketing system helps to streamline customer service tasks and boosts agent productivity. Let’s look at a few ways in which a helpdesk can increase conversions.

Faster customer support

Customers are frustrated with having to wait for support agents to respond to them. They would like to receive a response as soon as possible and have issues resolved in a timely manner. A helpdesk helps to achieve real-time support and create positive customer service experiences.

Automatically route and prioritize tickets and easily escalate urgent tickets.

An efficient helpdesk ticketing system can turn customer requests into tickets and route them to available agents. It also tags, categorizes and prioritizes these support tickets. It ensures that customer requests aren’t getting lost and they are attended to and resolved as quickly as possible.

Better customer service agent collaboration in a central system.

Support agents should be able to communicate with each other easily regardless of their location. A helpdesk allows them to collaborate on tickets in real-time. They can ask for assistance from one another when needed. Agents can also see a customer’s past interactions with the company.

Seamless integration with other applications

It’s necessary to integrate with other business applications and collect customer information when necessary. A good help desk can connect to important software such as email providers, payment gateways, shipping and procurement, e-commerce platforms, accounting applications, etc.

AI chatbot for self-service

More customers are leaning towards self-service options. It allows them to find information and resolve issues on their own. A helpdesk can feature a chatbot application that can initiate engagement with customers, suggest help articles, and let them know of discounts and promotions.

Personalized marketing for more successful cross- and upselling opportunities.

Customer service information can help you understand your customers much better. The helpdesk analytics can show what each customer likes and what products they may be interested in. Such data helps to determine how best to market products to different customer segments.

Collect and analyze customer feedback

At every point of contact, the system can be set to ask the customer for feedback automatically. It could be a survey or rating that helps you know how their experience was. This lets you see where you can improve your products or services and how you can decrease friction points.

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