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We Salute Veterans in Small Business: Here is a Story of One Who Made a Great Transition

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Patrick Daniel was born and raised in Washington State where he married his wife Emily in 2010. Daniel then joined the Navy in 2012. His first assignment out of Navy RTC (boot camp) was in Pensacola Florida.

“I was an E-6 Leading Petty Officer/Computer Network Defense Manager. I joined the Navy to be part of something larger than myself and to expand my horizons beyond my hometown. Prior to joining, I had never left the US. Upon separating, the Navy had brought me to 27 countries. I had the opportunity to meet amazing people and participate in some amazing missions during my time and feel blessed to have had the opportunity to serve for the time that I did. I have no doubt that my service and education has helped me succeed in every part of my life going forward,” Daniel recounted fondly.

As far as returning to Pensacola goes, “My wife and I fell in love with the area. I was assigned to a ship in Rota, Spain for three years, and when it was our turn to come back to the US, we chose Pensacola to be our permanent home. We feel incredibly lucky to have found this community which we love and raised our two daughters here.

Daniel, 34, served at Correy Station in Pensacola. During that time, he and his wife launched two real estate investment companies, one focused on renovating and selling dilapidated homes in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties to address the affordable housing shortage in those areas and the other focused on multi-family real estate.

In 2021, Patrick met Isaac Phillips, who had worked in operations management for 15 years and previously led a company and team that managed a commercial real estate portfolio, a role that he loved.

“Despite that, I was reminded that it was just another job, building someone else’s dream, and not my own, and would never be anything more. I had always wanted to own my own company and that longing had grown stronger over the years,” shared Phillips.

The pair met through common real estate interests when both were considering service-based franchise opportunities. Sharing common goals, they decided to form a business partnership, with Phillips relocating from Michigan with his family.

Through due diligence and research, it became clear to the two real estate pros that Floor Coverings International, a Georgia based franchisor, was the right company for them. The company brought award-winning customer service technologies and incredible training and support programs to the table. After meeting CEO Tom Wood, these already very able partners were all in. They currently have more than 240 franchisees with 30 more under development.

Patrick and Phillips’ FCI of West Florida Panhandle also has a storefront on Heinberg St., in Pensacola, with a second location opening in the Destin/Fort Walton Beach area. But the mobile showrooms are part of what makes the company so special. The Floor to Your Door customer experience has literally changed the way homeowners and/or business owners are shopping for flooring solutions. The company boasts of over 3000 samples that can make a great experience, since the customer sees all samples in their home or office, with their own lighting, accessories, and paint pallet all around them.

“I loved my time, the camaraderie and accomplishments I achieved in the Navy,” Daniel said. “Now I am equally thrilled with this new chapter in my life.”

Rhonda Sanderson is a franchise public relations specialist and journalist.

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