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Championing Diversity and Resilience

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In 2020, Monica Tapia Mularski and Erika Tapia Schrieber, a passionate sister duo and self-funded Latina entrepreneurs, established Season 2 Consign, a 100% female-owned leading authenticated pre-owned luxury handbag and accessories company, with a goal to revolutionize the luxury resale industry. Their journey as female Latina entrepreneurs has been characterized by a commitment to inclusivity and a resolute determination to overcome the scarcity of female and Latina representation in the franchising industry.

As trailblazers in the luxury resale franchise landscape, Season 2 Consign has emerged as the world’s first and only franchise opportunity of its kind, with locations in South Florida, Las Vegas, Central New Jersey, Orlando, and Tampa.

Like many entrepreneurs, the sisters encountered obstacles, particularly those unique to minority groups. In our society, women face more barriers to starting their own businesses than men, including a lack of investment in women-founded startups.  The sisters ventured into this domain without financial backing from family or external sources, and faced limited female and Latino representation. Their first location was entirely self-funded, presenting its own set of challenges, but it also afforded them complete autonomy over business decisions without the influence of external stakeholders. Fortunately, they achieved profitability within a few months and reinvested every dollar of profit back into the business.

A 2022 report by Guidance Financial reported that only 23.2% of franchisees are women, and only 6.6% of them are Hispanic, Latino, or of Spanish origin. This realization spurred them to navigate the space as leaders in the industry, creating an environment within their business that not only fosters diversity but welcomes it as an integral part of their company’s identity.

In response to inquiries from individuals inspired by their journey, the sisters decided to pursue franchising as a means of scaling the business. Built on concierge-style customer service, they believed that owner/operators would uphold a high standard of service with a strong sense of ownership.

To convert a thriving business into a franchise model, one must engage in careful planning, legal assessments, and the development of systems and processes that are both replicable and valuable. The sisters started with guidance from a franchise law firm, ensuring they were fully prepared from the beginning. Additionally, they collaborated with innovative software companies and implemented a rigorous training process for franchisees to maintain consistency and quality across all locations.

Transitioning from a single location to the franchisor model posed an initial challenge for the sisters, as they had to let go of control and trust others to uphold the brand they built from scratch, a common hurdle for many entrepreneurs entering franchising. Throughout their franchising journey, Monica and Erika unwaveringly committed themselves to preserving fundamental values of integrity, a pursuit of excellence, and a focus on people. By specifically targeting franchise partners and ambitious leaders who shared these values, the sisters not only expanded opportunities for female entrepreneurs but also ensured the brand’s core consistency.

Ever since their initial participation in an IFA conference, the sisters have discovered franchising to be a realm of profound collaboration and mentorship. By becoming members of the IFA and engaging with business networks, they deliberately immersed themselves in a community of like-minded individuals from whom they could gain insights and absorb knowledge. Their unique perspective as women is distinctly evident in their adaptability, leadership approach, and solution-oriented mindset within the franchising model.

“You may be an expert in your industry, but there is always something more to learn,” said Erika. “Ask questions, introduce yourself, and be confident in who you are and what you have to offer.”

After four years in franchising, Season 2 Consign offers a unique experience for luxury handbag enthusiasts. Their journey serves as inspiration to aspiring women entrepreneurs and franchisors, and they take pride in providing a business model that has significantly impacted their lives.

“Being a franchisor is being a true servant leader to a group of individuals who share your same values,” said Monica. “We believe that a rising tide lifts all boats, and having the opportunity to share something we love so deeply with others is the most rewarding part.”

By fostering a community of individuals who align with their shared values, the sisters have created a dynamic network where success is a collective endeavor. Their philosophy as franchisors not only underscores the brand’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity, but reinforces the sisters’ dedication to making a positive impact in the lives of those who join the Season 2 Consign franchise family.

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