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14 Mission Statement Examples From Small Businesses

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To help small businesses craft their mission statement, we asked small business owners and CEOs to list their mission statement and what the meaning is behind it.

Here are 14 mission statement examples from small businesses:

  • Be the Panacea for Analytics Challenges
  • We Blog for Results
  • Maximizing Through Minimization
  • Provide Honest Products
  • Enable Everyone to Find Expression
  • Empower People and Brands to Lead in a Purposeful Economy
  • Community Control Over Local Economic Development
  • Improve Productivity, Profitability, Scalability, and Compliance With Minimal Disruption
  • Mid-life Health Can’t Be Overstated
  • Supporting Dogs Everywhere
  • Advancing Technology to Shape a Better Tomorrow
  • Help Individuals in Their Fight Against Autism
  • Creating Positive Emotions to Enhance Wellbeing, Naturally
  • Community Improvement Efforts Towards Healthier Families


Be the Panacea for Analytics Challenges

As a consulting business solving analytics challenges for our clients, we realized only the holistic approach fuels sustainable change. While the conventional strategy is to address Business Intelligence development challenges separately from operational ones, we evaluate and handle them together. This way, we can unlock the synergy of providing tools and improving related processes.

For instance, for a customer struggling with an inefficient order management spreadsheet, the file alone is the tip of the iceberg. After creating a new, automated template, the work done inside it needs to be connected to other processes such as stock management or generating pricing tables & quotations. It also requires training on the use of new files and documentation to make sure the system will remain feasible for years.

Michael Sena, SENACEA

We Blog for Results

We coach bloggers. Our mission statement is “We Blog for Results.” Since we offer an educational service, it’s important bloggers know what they get when they sign up for our one-on-one coaching or digital courses. We provide business expertise through our coaching for people who want to be pro-bloggers. Too many bloggers want business expertise but don’t know where to start. Our mission statement tells them: “No matter what your goal, traffic or income,” with our services, you get results.

Janice Wald, Mostly Blogging

Maximizing Through Minimization

“At the Ridge, we prefer to do more with less. It’s not just a remark on resourcefulness; it’s a call to maximize your life by minimizing what you bring along. Because you don’t need everything to be prepared for anything.”. And we really mean that. Since 2013, Ridge has been on a mission to eliminate the excess in the items you carry every day, allowing you to carry less and live more, turning your items into everyday tools for better living. This means having the highest quality products without sacrificing function. We took everyday essentials and redefined how they should be looked at, and came up with the minimalist design that helps you streamline your life. Since 2013, we’ve strived to produce quality, functional products, and have built a tight-knit team to help execute our mission.

Connor MacDonald, The Ridge Wallet

Provide Honest Products

Our mission is to provide people with honest, natural products with healing remedies made from essential oils. The reason this is our mission statement is that we want our content channels to know immediately that we are an organic company that provides people with natural bug repellants and other products. It creates an honest relationship immediately with our consumers, leading to building almost immediate trust.

Michael Jankie, Natural Patch

Enable Everyone to Find Expression

Our mission statement is to enable everyone to find expression, and we work towards this by offering 18 modes in which users can paraphrase their sentences and paragraphs, as well as a tool that enables them to convert keywords into full paragraphs. In this way, we can help our users move quickly from a rough first version of their thoughts to something refined and matching their intended expression.

Matthew Ramirez, Paraphrase

Empower People and Brands to Lead in a Purposeful Economy

“Empowering people and brands to lead in a purposeful economy” is the mission statement of our public relations firm. We strive to empower purposeful people and brands to make their voices heard – for messages that aim to leave a legacy.

This mission statement is also reflected in our client portfolio. We only work with “good entrepreneurs” who truly look beyond their own profit and actively seek to integrate social and environmental activities into their business DNA.

Under the motto ‘Support local, go global,’ we spearhead the implementation of social impact activities of brands and companies for a 360° approach in creative campaigns.

Melanie Marten, The Coup

Community Control Over Local Economic Development

Our mission: We believe that communities should control their local economic development and share in the wealth it creates.

The meaning: National retail chains and e-commerce giants are replacing family-owned, brick & mortar businesses. Big banks on Wall Street are denying a majority of the small business loan applications they receive. Those from female and minority entrepreneurs are less likely to be approved. Meanwhile, real estate developers profit as they rebuild communities instead of those who live there.

This needs to change. Communities should decide which entrepreneurs get the capital they need to reshape their Main Streets. And members of the community should reap financial rewards when they invest in the entrepreneurs who succeed.

Lauren Murdock, Mainvest

Improve Productivity, Profitability, Scalability, and Compliance With Minimal Disruption

Our mission statement: We are committed to helping our clients improve productivity, profitability, scalability, and compliance with minimal disruption. We achieve this by engaging their team and identifying improvement opportunities. We aim to be the trusted advisors for companies that are facing difficult business challenges and need sound guidance in making critical decisions that impact their organizations and clients.

The meaning behind our mission statement is our purpose of impacting the company’s internal operations and ultimately their bottom lines, internal teams, and customer experience. They are businesses that are backed up against the wall when it comes to having frustrating business issues that hinder growth, impact their human capital, and their inability to meet customer demand. We stop the financial bleed and help them reimagine their business as being the desired place of business for both customers and talent.

Amanda Russo, Cornerstone Paradigm Consulting, LLC

Mid-life Health Can’t Be Overstated

Our mission statement: Lifeforce is a functional healthcare company focusing on optimizing performance in mid-life. We encourage people in the central part of their lives to focus on their health and we offer them the best tools and information to do so. That includes lifestyle recommendations and science-backed pharmaceutical interventions to help people achieve their best. We’re promoting community health. It’s never too early to think about increasing longevity. We’re helping people commit to better, healthier lives.

Joel Jackson, Lifeforce

Supporting Dogs Everywhere

At Finn, our mission is to help support dogs everywhere to be the happiest and healthiest they can be. This goes for our end-users, the adorable doggos all over, their loving parents, and all the pooches in foster shelters across the country.

When we first started Finn, we were working on a different wellness business (but for humans!). My team and I went really, really deep into understanding how to develop wellness supplements that were higher quality and more efficacious than products that were already on the market. After years of research into more thoughtful ingredient sourcing, production techniques, third-party testing, and quality controls, we realized that our pets deserved the same standard of care that we hold for ourselves.

And so Finn was born! We have always been obsessed with our dogs and wellness, and we are proud to do work that allows us to make that difference every day.

James Shalhoub, Finn

Advancing Technology to Shape a Better Tomorrow

At CTL we do not just create technology, we are committed to advancing it as well. We want everyone we work with to be happy with the technology they use and we want their jobs to continue to become easier and easier to complete through the advancement of technology. Computers are not going anywhere, and we will stay committed to making sure technology continues to improve and make lives easier.

Mark Jorgensen, CTL

Help Individuals in Their Fight Against Autism

Being a medical center being led by a professional behavior analyst, we are dedicated to helping children, and young adults overcome their learning and developmental disabilities through modern, effective ABA therapy treatments. All of our professional and expert-level services are provided in the comfort of the individual’s home since we believe that a person’s home is where they feel the safest, most comfortable, and secure.

What’s the Meaning Behind it? What we mean to do through this mission is help individuals in their fight against Autism through in-home professional ABA therapy treatments to allow them to live a life filled with quality and opportunities.

Bilal Ahmed, BWTech

Creating Positive Emotions to Enhance Wellbeing, Naturally

We are Firmenich. 10,000 passionate people who believe that fragrance and taste can change the world for good. Since 1895, we have been innovating to make a positive difference for all.

We go beyond creating unique sensorial experiences. We create positive emotions to improve wellbeing while preserving the planet. Where you perceive taste as something to savor, we see the potential to advance nutrition, by making healthier foods taste delicious. Where you experience fragrance as a pleasurable smell, we see the opportunity to accelerate wellness around the world. Where you see nature, we see an endless source of inspiration to be treasured.

This is the heart of our purpose: Creating positive emotions to enhance wellbeing, naturally.

Wally Simon, Firmenich

Community Improvement Efforts Towards Healthier Families

Our company mission statement encompasses both our business and our people. In our business, our mission is to make a community improvement effort towards healthier families, specifically those with furry friends. In our people, our mission is both customer and employee service. This type of statement relates to our customers in the way we provide great services that will benefit their lives, and relates to our employees through the empowerment we offer them in their workplace. For all aspects of our business, we prioritize communication and respect.

Trey Ferro, Spot Pet Insurance

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