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10 Post-Pandemic Marketing Tactics For Your Interior Design Business

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During the pandemic, many families began home improvement projects from things like renovations to creating new home office spaces. Now, post pandemic, this trend has not slowed down. Although some turn to DIY tips and tutorials, many of their renovations need professional guidance. Whether you are an interior design business or a renovation firm, marketing your company is a great way to drive sales and increase notability. Don’t know where to start?

Here are our top 10 tips on how to successfully advertise your home improvement business.

1. Website

A great way to attract clients is through an engaging website. When potential clients search your business up, you want to be prepared with a professional online platform that communicates your services and how to get in contact with you. It’s an easy way to draw attention to your business and compete with competitors.

2. Social Media

Chase for Business states that over time social media, “has become less of a nice-to-have and more of a business necessity.” Creating a profile on various platforms can help increase notability as people swipe through your page. Want to take it a step further? You can pay for remodeling ads to further your social media campaign.

3. Email Newsletter

Another digital way to draw attention to your business is through email newsletters. Hubspot’s Email Marketing Demographics of 2021 highlights how “99% of email users check their inbox every day,” almost guaranteeing that a potential client will see your email. Email newsletters effectively remind past clients of your services and allow you to reach out to new ones.

4. Referral Discounts

A great way to increase awareness for your company is through previous customers. Offering referral discounts makes people more inclined to recommend you to their friends and family. Not to mention- use your services again. It’s a great home improvement advertising strategy!

5. Local Advertising

What better way to advertise your business to the community than local print ads. Take an interior design business, for example. You can increase brand exposure and sales by advertising in local publications that reach readers with similar demographics as your target audience. And since most readers are paying subscribers, there is a greater likelihood that they will engage with your advertisement.

6. Before-and-After Advertising

When promoting your skills, before and after pictures are a perfect way to advertise your services. Showcase your talent and let your work speak for itself. This can be exceptionally helpful for interior design and remodeling ads. By utilizing past projects to promote your company, people can see your services and expertise and are more likely to hire you.

7. Taglines

Having a strong brand message is key to communicating what you offer, highlighting your unique benefits and differences, and staying memorable among your competition. With a strong tagline, people are more likely to remember your business. Notability is critical in driving business, and a strong brand message featured on your website or near your logos can be all the difference in making your company stand out amongst the rest.

8. Digital Out-of-Home Advertising

A creative way to engage potential clients is through digital out-of-home advertising such as podcast advertisements, billboards, and signs in malls. Digital out-of-home advertising is an innovative way to help your business reach your target audience in a wide variety of settings. These creative marketing platforms help to increase customer engagement and spread brand awareness throughout the real world.

9. How-Tos and DIY Videos

An easy way to engage clients is through various How-To and DIY videos. This shows customers quick and easy home improvement techniques that they can do on their own. Additionally, this technique spreads brand awareness and helps homeowners associate your business with their home improvement needs.

10. Form Partnerships

Another way to market your company is by forming partnerships with other types of interior design businesses. When families decide to redo a part of their home, chances are they’re going to need more than one home improvement service. By forming partnerships with other firms, you can recommend each other to clients and easily spread the word about each other’s services.

Farlyn Lucas works as a freelance writer and communications manager. She has a knack for writing on various topics, especially tech, business and marketing. When she’s not working, she enjoys playing badminton and baking chocolate chip cookies.

Marketing interior design stock image by Pressmaster/Shutterstock

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