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Floor Coverings International Demonstrates What Thanksgiving is Really About

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Mike Vogt, Vice President of Emerging Operations at Norcross, Georgia based Floor Coverings International had a terrific company experience recently which demonstrates what Thanksgiving is all about. Especially the giving part.

Vogt regularly volunteers with Solidarity Ministries in Africa going on yearly mission trips to the region. His latest mission there has him involved with the building of a Women’s Health Clinic in Lietnhom, South Sudan. On his first trip to that village with his church in 2006, Vogt met a 12-year-old boy named Angelo, an orphan who had been quasi-adopted by the village.

“The people of Liethohm had been graciously caring for the boy’s physical needs of food, clothing, and shelter. This is where the term ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ originated. In Africa this is not an uncommon practice,” said Vogt. “I learned that Angelo lost both of his parents when he was very young to treatable illnesses,” continued Vogt, “but because of a lack of skilled medical care and medicines they passed away… leaving Angelo and his four siblings orphans. It became clear to us all that Angelo had been blessed with a very sharp mind and clarity of thought. He was a stand-out student in the training we were conducting there at the time and was wise beyond his years. We boarded the planes at the end of the week thinking to ourselves that Angelo could be a leader in his village when he is older if he could realize his potential.”

Cut to 2022. That brilliant boy Angelo will be the first doctor in the new Women’s Health Clinic thanks to Vogt and many others in the Ministries who eventually sent him to school and then on to medical school.

Floor Coverings International is one of several home service brands under parent company FirstService Brands. Mission of all the brands? To #firstserveothers. And nowhere has that been demonstrated better than in this scenario. During the company convention this year Vogt shared a video about the new clinic, his journey and Angelo’s in a session for franchisees.

Vogt suggested that now franchisees are in a better position to give back as he shared the tale of his volunteer efforts in Sudan. He challenged the group to find something that they are passionate about. But he never expected what he came home to find.

After the moving presentation, Matt and Tracy Moten, Floor Coverings International franchisees in Cleveland, OH, reflected on Vogt’s mission and decided to initiate a fundraising campaign within the walls of Floor Coverings International.

“We knew that Mike had helped so many FCI owners who would want to be involved, so we formed a list of 31 franchisees who work or have been helped by him and called each one,” said Matt Moten. “Every franchisee agreed to pledge funds and I decided to also reach out to corporate. Tom Wood, our President, and CEO was all in, as well as other corporate folks.”  The franchisees raised $21,000 and corporate employees donated $6,151 totaling $27,151 and I coordinated a Zoom call for all of us to present Mike with the donation.”

“I was so surprised and touched by this generous effort,” said Vogt. “Funds will be used to replenish supplies, medication and help with doctor salaries. This is the first and only clinic in the village. They need everything. Later, the mission will get an ambulance.”

Rhonda Sanderson is a franchise specialist and publicist with 41 years in the industry. Norcross, GA-based Floor Coverings International has ranked consistently as the No. 1 Mobile Flooring Franchise in North America by Entrepreneur Magazine. The 181 franchisees and their Design Associates offer a unique in-home experience with a mobile showroom that comes directly to the client’s door. More than 3,000 flooring choices are available to view in the home with and alongside the existing lighting, paint, and furniture. The company will open several more locations throughout the U.S. and Canada through franchise expansion in the next 5 years. For franchise information, please visit To find your closest location go to


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