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Boost Your Sales With a Powerful and Affordable CRM

1 Mins read

Every small business needs a robust customer relationship management system (CRM) to grow. Zoho just launched its latest version of Bigin, the tech company’s simple, affordable, and powerful CRM solution for micro and small businesses.

This updated version is even more valuable for small business owners, offering the tools, insights, and functionality you need to maintain meaningful customer relationships. And Bigin is so easy to set up (Zoho promises you can do it in 30 minutes) and use; it’s perfect for small business owners who want to switch out their current CRM and those new to using a CRM system. In fact, 65% of new Bigin customers have never previously used a CRM.
Many other CRMs designed for small businesses lack full functionality.

But not Bigin. The robust solution introduces several new features, including Team Pipelines, which “brings various customer operations into a single 360-degree view. Businesses can connect key customer processes such as deal management, onboarding, delivery, training, ticket management, refund requests, customer testimonials, etc.,” so they can more easily manage their daily processes. “Bigin,” says Zoho, “offers small business owners a single source of truth when it comes to analyzing customer data.”

While most competitive solutions only address a single function, Mani Vembu, Zoho’s Chief Operating Officer, says, “Bigin is the only solution that brings together all customer operations like sales, onboarding, delivery, training, advocacy, and more into an intuitive interface. By bringing together all the facets of customer operations into a single view, Bigin allows small businesses to better” understand the customer’s journey.

Connected Pipelines is another new feature that connects “customer records across different processes so you can automate the movement of customer data across various pipelines, enabling them to deliver seamless end-to-end customer experiences.”

Bigin is flexible. Its ‘Toppings’ features allow you to add third-party integrations to address additional business needs. And there’s a mobile app so you can access Bigin across iOS, iPadOS, Android, and macOS.

Bigin’s pricing starts at $7/user/month (billed annually) for the Express edition and $12/user/month (billed annually) for the Premier edition. There is also a free edition available.

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