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What Shoppers Want on Amazon

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If you own a retail store or an e-commerce website, most retail experts recommend you also operate an Amazon store. New York magazine says the mega marketplace has 150 million subscribers with more market share than its next 14 competitors combined. But what motivates Amazon shoppers? A recent survey from Emplicit, a leading Amazon-partnered e-commerce maximization agency, reveals a lot of information about why consumers shop on Amazon.

Here are some primary factors that drive Amazon shopping:

Free and fast shipping

  • 44% of consumers primarily shop on Amazon instead of a company’s website for the free and fast delivery they get with Prime membership
  • 20% would still shop on Amazon even if the company’s website had a cheaper price because it’s easier than setting up a new account on the company’s website, and 10% would choose Amazon for its guaranteed quick delivery

Product discovery

  • 87% of consumers have purchased a product on Amazon from a company they’ve never tried before
  • 35% use Amazon to discover new companies—large and small

 What influences buying decisions?

  • 27% look at your website before buying on Amazon if they’re unfamiliar with you
  • 24% check to see if the prices on your site are cheaper
  • 61% say seeing multiple images of the product helps them the most

 Daily Amazon shoppers

  • 54% of consumers shopping on Amazon daily also primarily chose the site for its fast and free shipping
  • 23% select Amazon so they can shop for multiple products at once
  • 61% of daily shoppers prefer their orders be ‘Fulfilled by Amazon’ vs. Fulfilled by Merchant
  • 60% of daily shoppers are women
  • 85% of women shop on Amazon monthly; 33% shop weekly
  • 79% of men shop monthly; 26% shop weekly

Age of shoppers and Amazon ads

  • 78% of 18-29-year-olds buy something at least once a month
    • 59% in that demographic find product ads on Amazon a bother or something they ignore
  • 83% of 30-44-year-olds purchase something at least once a month from Amazon
    • 53% in that demographic say product ads are a bother or something they ignore
  • 22% of 30-44-year-olds and 29% of 45–60-year-olds say Amazon ads are useful

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