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What is Valentine’s Day Like for Couples Who Work Together All Day? 

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Disasters used to be a fairly rare occurrence and create chaos, stress, and sadness, but also brought people together to help each other in a time of great need. Sadly, disasters are no longer rare as we are seeing with the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria last week.

“If you work in disaster recovery and mediation,” shared Kendrick Young, “part of the job is to be there for people in their worst time when they need comforting on top of our recovery services. My wife Adriana and I discovered Paul Davis Restoration while researching the top restoration franchises,” continued Kendrick, a former HR professional. “I was ready for a new career. Preferably one that would allow me to work alongside Adriana who served in the United States Army for six years. “We both wanted to prosper and grow in a business that helps people. That goal was clear. Paul Davis was the only company we found that would deliver on our vision. The organization’s culture of collaboration, innovation, and service aligned with our values. We are known as The Difference Makers™.

The couple opened Paul Davis Restoration of Central Dallas-Ft. Worth out of a 6000-square-foot warehouse in Grand Prairie in October 2022 and haven’t had a free minute to look back. So, what is it like to work in a rewarding but busy environment and then go home with your partner and relax at the end of the day?

“I’ll answer that,” Adriana said with a smile. “Kendrick and I have really enjoyed working together in a professional setting. For us, it’s an extension of our family dynamic at home. We are pretty laid back on setting rules. I think this can be attributed to having deep trust and strong communication skills already established prior to starting a business together. We respect each other’s decisions on certain matters and if we need an outside opinion, we consult with an expert. Logic and reason decide what’s best for the business, not pride and ego.

The results of the collaboration and teamwork has strengthened our relationship and happiness. It’s important for our children to witness how important healthy relationships are in life. Kendrick and I take opportunities to spend time alone together throughout the week, even if it’s a quick trip to the grocery store or a late afternoon sit down lunch. Our ride home from the office each day is a mix of recapping work and preparation for home life. It’s the typical “Don’t forget we have a staff meeting tomorrow morning, what’s for dinner, and what activities are planned for the kids? The business is like the new baby in the family and the entire family is so excited.”

Rhonda Sanderson is a franchise specialist and publicist with 41 years in the industry. For more than 55 years, Paul Davis Restoration has restored residential and commercial properties damaged by fire, water, mold, storms, and disasters. Paul Davis is a one-stop shop for disaster damage and restoration and is approaching 350 franchises in the United States and Canada. The professionals at Paul Davis are certified in emergency restoration, reconstruction, and remodeling. For more information, visit the company website at For more information about a franchise go to

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